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Dlamini Attorneys possesses extensive experience enabling the firm to provide quality advice to its clients. The philosophy at Dlamini Attorneys is to consolidate and integrate high quality human capital and create innovative legal solutions and value for its clients. The success of Dlamini Attorneys is built upon the depth of the teams’ experience in the energy, infrastructure and utilities sectors. The team has been involved in energy and infrastructure related projects in South Africa and the Southern African Development Community region in particular, and on the African continent in general. The attorneys at Dlamini Attorneys have both worked and trained with international law firms.

Dlamini Attorneys appreciates the depth of the infrastructure gap on the African continent and is firmly possessed to add impetus to the wave of development through contribution towards the implementation of bankable projects on the African continent. The firm prides itself as being one of the few law firms in Southern Africa that provides a service across Africa through a team with a strong African flavour. Dlamini Attorneys is staffed by individuals from South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, and continues to expand the reach of its team within the African continent. Dlamini Attorneys also possesses established networks across of the African continent, all of which contribute to the distinctly “African flavour” that clients may enjoy at Dlamini Attorneys.

Dlamini Attorneys takes a holistic perspective of the business of providing legal solutions and appreciates that “the deal is king” and drives solutions with a view to ensuring that the deal takes place. Dlamini Attorneys is alive to the realities on the ground and has an appreciation for the social, political and economic impact related to the infrastructure outlay. Dlamini Attorneys is therefore able to assume position as the central point of contact for all the advisors involved in a transaction by aligning interests and roles of the different parties in a project.

Dlamini Attorneys follows the approach of establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders, with a primary focus placed on its clients and other advisors within the infrastructure space. The model applied by Dlamini Attorneys seeks to manage the value chain for infrastructure development projects from end-to-end, in a manner that results in increased values and sustainability for all the parties concerned. In servicing its clientele, Dlamini Attorneys works closely with international law firms and local counsel in various jurisdictions, thereby ensuring that it is ahead by keeping abreast of the developments across the globe. In addition, Dlamini Attorneys has developed extensive networks and forged solid partnerships with professionals in various sectors including, but not limited to, financial services, energy, infrastructure and utilities, in order to provide its clients with integrated and holistic solutions. Dlamini Attorneys is therefore well possessed to offer the best of international and local expertise to its clients across the African continent.

Dlamini Attorneys possesses a strong understanding of the risks associated in conducting business on the African continent, together with the implementation of major infrastructure development projects, and has incorporated appropriate pro-active tools to manage the same within its processes and procedures. Dlamini Attorneys further possesses a focused and growing research arm which ensures that it remains ahead of the market in its approach participating in infrastructure development projects on the African continent.

The clients of Dlamini Attorneys include royal houses, government departments, state owned enterprises, municipalities and municipal owned enterprises, such as the Royal Bafokeng Nation, the Industrial Development Group, Transnet Limited, City of Johannesburg and Trans-Tropical Development (Ghana). Dlamini Attorneys also advises various local and international private sector clients operating in the financial services, energy and resources sectors.

Dlamini Attorneys operates on the basis of a flat team structure and places a strong focus on the contributions made by every individual in the team.

Dlamini Attorneys conducts its business on the basis of international best practice corporate governance standards, and possesses a broad range of policies and procedures that support the corporate governance framework.